Iran – Is war eminent?

Is war eminent with Iran?

From all the headlines I’ve been reading, it’s really starting to sound like it. You’ve all probably heard about Iran threatening to torpedo US Aircraft Carriers in the Straight of Hormuz (which we’ve promised to keep open since it’s a vital trade route). Forgive the link, I know it’s a biased war mongering site, but you can google for another source.

And you may have not heard just yet at the time of writing, but the European Union foreign ministers have formally adopted an oil embargo against Iran over its nuclear program. That is, we’re banning import of their oil. That will affect their economy substantially since it’s their most valuable resource. Check that out if you haven’t yet. Even China has cut their oil import from Iran in half already.

So, with all of this posturing… are we on the verge of seeing another shock & awe campaign like we saw during the invasion of Iraq? I think it’s increasingly likely. It’s looking more and more like conflict is going to break out in Iran soon, and in a bad way.

In other news, this also means that gas prices are about to sky rocket. Have fun with that.

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