My Political & World View

Alright, first let me give you a little bit of some background.

I decided I’d just go ahead and say that Emperor Charles zi Britannia (Code Geass)’s political view was the same as my own, and I linked a video to his speech:

Right, so. Now, with that out of the way… A few people were saying things along the line of Imperialism, and yeah kill the weaker ones, and some minor other stuff about Elevens and whatnot. But whatever. Anyways, this is my reply, I think you’ll find it interesting:


No. Not Imperialism.

Survival of the fittest.

For too long have we nurtured the weak and feeble. The dullards and idiots. We have sheltered them as a society, and we have grown weak because of it.

You may ask yourself the question “How is it even possible for there to be so many stupid people in the world?!”

Well, I have the answer. It’s because we allowed it. We encouraged it! We let these people reproduce.

And why?

All for equality?

Screw equality.

We are not all made equal.

Some are smarter, or faster, more physically fit, or with abilities others simply can’t even dream of. No, we are not made equal.

We have, through generations of stupidity, bred stupidity. It is our very essence. A very part of who we are.

In nature, it is the lion who eats the gazelle. It is the strongest lion that is allowed to reproduce. This is how nature is, and it is how a gene pool remains strong, and a species adapts to survive. Evolution.

This is not evolution. This is de-evolution.

Silly things like morality are tying us down, down into this pathetic path of weakness and frailty, where we are sure to fall.

In nature, weaker animals are eaten and left to die. But not here. No, not only do we nurture our own weak, but some people have even come to value the weak of other species! Some even value them higher than our own!

What is this ludicriousy! Have we all gone mad?!

We are becoming weak, and it is sad. No… We have become weak.

It is a problem that must be fixed.

There are even some people that commit suicide! Suicide! What kind of survival instinct is that?!

It isn’t one!

We’ve devolved so far from the path of natural selection that not only do we value the lives of the weak, but we do not even value our own very lives!

Pitted against the elements, I bet 7/10 people could not make it. No, they could not survive. They would die.

Most dominant species on this planet… hah! We may have the biggest brains, but we are stupid, and weak.

There is something terribly wrong with our species. No. I hate even calling it my species. I am not a part of this weak and stupid whole. I refuse to be. It is simply unacceptable.

I think it is religions that made us weak. Dependent on others. Dependent even on imaginary beings to protect, and do for us what we cannot.

Hah. Pathetic.

What kind of supreme being would care for those that cannot even care for themselves.

I have an answer for you: A weak one.

And if we truly were its creation, then an incompetent one as well.

It doesn’t take divine omnipotence to see how horribly we have failed.

But is it their fault? No, perhaps it is our own. Our own, that we allowed ourselves to be chained down like slaves, bowing before another.

That is not my species. I do not bow. And we should not bow before any other! Not man, nor god!

Bowing is an act for the weak and feeble. The incompetent and lazy.

No… We should not bow.

Not to gods, not to men, and certainly not to governments who think they know what’s best for us, but in truth they’re just as incomptent and stupid as all the rest.

Pah! Politics. It is an election by popularity contest! That proves nothing.

And in the end, the result is exactly as one would expect from such a pathetic and worthless system. Weak and pathetic rulers. Incompetent lawmakers. Feeble and incapable. Worthless.

No, I cannot claim this as my species. Not yet. Not as a whole.

We are not right for that yet, no not yet. But perhaps one day we will be.

My existence alone is more than proof of that, that it is possible.

But there are few of us. Perhaps more than is known, but few, certainly.

And the rest? Well, they have no place here. That’s right. I said it. You read it correctly.

The weak and feeble, stupid and incompetent, they should be culled from existence, rid from our world, rid from our species. And then, and only then, can we once again become strong.

We were once. We must have been, or we could have not come to the time before what is now. But we must regress. We must regress to that time before now. That evolution before now, when we were superior and strong, smart and fast. Where we wanted to, and we were worthy of survival. The survival of our species.

It is obvious through our expansion that is what we cared about. Just look how many countless others have went extinct in our wake. And this is okay. This is how it should be.

The strong survive. The weak perish.

If they could not survive, then it was because they were weak, and were not fit to survive.

And this, is my view. My Political view, and my World view. Take it for what you will.

Do try not to get too offended now.

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5 thoughts on “My Political & World View

  1. run nod says:

    agreed. lynch all niggers asap

  2. run nod says:


  3. run nod says:

    dont even get me started on the gays

  4. run nod says:

    today i had a nice ham dinner with a glass of slightly warm mil;k (ABSOLUTELY >>>NOT<<< JIZZ FUCK OFF WITH THE BULLSHIT LIES) i also cleared out a50 gigs of harddrive space. overall i would rate this day a 9/10 (a 10/10 day is impossible unless i die at the end of it)

  5. Batman says:

    Interesting stance. In here you say bowing is a sign of weakness, however I see you have posted an anime. In Japan bowing is a custom to show respect. And bowing itself is not as easy as you seem to think. Many children and weak bodied people cannot do it. It also takes a small degree of mental capabilities to co-ordinate. Survival of the fittest is different from how it originally was. It was shown to say that a species that can evolve and adapt over time is the one that normally continues on. Thus by argument these morons who are breeding more are in fact the smarter ones by creating a world where idiocy is accepted and radical thinking is shunned.

    This world is pretty horrible, and it’s going down a steep path which may lead to extinction. But the fact is that someone who can lift up an entire tree without any device, is technically more fit to survive. Whereas unless a smart person can manipulate this person they won’t do as well. Smarts are not necessarily the be all end all in terms of being fit. Perhaps being stupid is the smarter route? Normally people don’t care about the horrible things going on around them. The people who do care normally tend to be the ones who are smarter. Empathy is another huge factor.

    As a truly smart person probably would think it unwise to end your own population and recreate it with only smart people. You can’t manipulate them as well. Most of the morons tend to be better physically. Society needs people like this to function. Destroying the vast majority of our population would be a very unwise move. Just find a way to live with them, and assert your superiority in subtle ways. Who knows maybe some day you’ll become a president or prime minister of a country.

    Anyways very interesting blog. I shall follow it now that I have read this.

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