Facebook E-Mail Notifications

Do they annoy the shit out of you? Well, they annoy the shit out of me, lemme tell ya. The first thing you probably tried is this:

Account Settings > Notifications > then Edited each one and removed all of them.

Well, you probably found out by now that it doesn’t freakin’ work. At all. So at this point you’ve probably tried everything you can think of to make the e-mails stop rolling in every time someone decides to do practically anything…

Well, here’s how:
1. Subscriptions
2. # Friend Subscriptions
3. Subscribed > Unsubscribe; do for all Subscribed friends.

Hopefully you weren’t subscribed to a ton. In the future, set up a Group called something like “No Subscription” and make sure that the subscriptions are all turned off for that group. That way, you won’t get subscribed when adding people in the future.

And because I’m so wonderfully nice, I made a step-by-step visual tutorial for you. Check it out if you can’t figure it out:

Step 1-2
Step 3

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