Confirmed: Religious people are stupid.

So, speaking of stupid people… I found this the other day, which generally just reinforced something I’d pretty much thought my entire life…

Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice
IQ vs. Religiosity
Study: Again, Christian Conservatives Linked To Lower IQ
Another study links intelligence to lack of religiosity…
Inoculations Against Religiosity: Intelligence and Education
Religiosity and Intelligence

From one of the studies, basically lower intelligence correlates with religiosity because the blind acceptance required by fundamentalism is a result of a lack of critical analysis.

These analyses indicated that intelligence was significantly and negatively associated with five of the six religion measures,with the largest coefficient on fundamentalism (β=−.13). Only spirituality did not relate to intelligence. This pattern of relationships did not change when education was omitted: For each of the religion variables, except fundamentalism,the association with intelligence was practically unchanged (all Δβ≤.01). For fundamentalism, however, removing education from the model increased the association with intelligence to β=−.25 (up from β=−.13). Openness had mixed relationships with the religion measures: For mindfulness, spirituality, and religious support, openness was a significant and positive predictor; however, this relationship was reversed for fundamentalism. Religious identification and private religious practice were not significantly associated with openness. Demographic variables were also significantly associated with the religion measures. Both sex (male = 1, female = 2) and age were positively associated with each of the religion measures with the exception of age on spirituality, and fundamentalism, where a null effect was observed for both age and sex.

You can download the pdf of one of the the studies here.

Now I don’t want to get into it too much – you can read the studies yourself, I linked them above for just that. But, the bottom line is this: Religious people, are basically… stupid.

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2 thoughts on “Confirmed: Religious people are stupid.

  1. Batman says:

    Interesting! I would like to point out that while Atheism practitioners do tend to have a higher IQ it is by a very marginal amount. Religious people being stupid isn’t quite the case in all forms. Granted a vast majority of known religious people have done very stupid things, and churches in general ruin religion. Also most of the samples taken in the Atheism vs Religion polls are normally selective in where they poll (for example they will poll people at a church for the religion parts, but then go to a University for the scientific parts). But religion itself isn’t a horrible thing. There are a vast amount of scientists who partake in religion, and yet still contribute to the field just as much (if not more) than other so called Atheist parties. Atheism itself is almost as bad as religion at its core. They would deny the belief of a God if science ever did manage to prove it. It’s just another extreme.

    Agnostic people however have the best of both worlds. They don’t need to follow any church, and they can choose their own way of life, all while accept if a God exists or doesn’t exist when it can be proven. But I will agree with you that churches, temples, and what have you (organized religion basically) is pretty stupid. They are not needed at all. While I don’t think being religious is a bad thing, I do think the way it is organized is bad AND supports ignorance.

    Thanks for your post. Keep up the good blog!

  2. jaybug says:

    I think there are varying levels of being religious, which correspond to degrees of stupidity. The more extreme and fundamental your religion, the stupider you are.

    Perhaps by not having to work your brain. Everything you need to know is written is some old book It diminishes your brain from being able to handle events that are not specifically according to that book.

    I mean as far as I know, Stephen Hawking believes in God. Does he go to church often, dunno.

    I bet if they tested the average Unitarian Universalist, they would test out at least average if not higher than normal. I’d bet higher. They founded Harvard way back when ya know.

    Hell, I pretty much always knew that fundamentalists were at least ignorant beyond belief. Having discussions with them reminds me of having discussions with some certain people you and I both know. At least I get about as far with both sets of people. Nowhere.

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