On God & Religion

The problem with god is that it’s often given a god of the gaps argument and is an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance.

If both you and a team of physicists agree that something cannot be explained so then they go ahead and agree “Well, okay. You’re right. It must be god.” Then what happens is in 10 years when it can be proved, then they have they have to go back and say that it wasn’t. And in this way, god is simply an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance. We see it all the time. There’s so many examples that could be listed that were once attributed to god that we fully understand now. It’s just a god of the gaps argument, and it’s sad really.

I’m Agnostic, I suppose, and I think one of the biggest problems with people labeling themselves Atheists is that they’re not really Atheists but rather they’re Agnostic. An Atheist just purely beyond a shadow of a doubt disbelieves the possibility of any god or gods, the opposite of a Theist who absolutely believes in the existence of a god or gods. Agnosticism just says that claims of the existence of a god or gods is unknown and as far as can presently be judged, unknowable.

In respect, an Agnostic person if given definitive proof that a god either does or doesn’t exist would accept it. It is the logical course. A Theist or Atheist, if given the opposite of their particular belief, would deny it.
(Edit: Actually, allow me to redact this statement. As a commenter pointed out, this isn’t necessarily correct. Thanks for pointing that out!)

So here’s the deal: Religion is just a system of oppression.

Religion was originally formed to explain phenomena that primitive man could not explain otherwise (god of the gaps). The flaw in most religions is that said explained things are largely later disproved with the advance of science, and are therefore inherently flawed. We don’t understand why the tides come in, so it must be god. No, sorry, it’s the moon. I mean, these things can go on and on ad infinitum.

The problem is, that religions evolved beyond simply answering phenomena but became useful as oppressive tools of control by a few powerful elite. Maybe your population will rob and steal no matter the manpower you have in place and the threat of a flogging or chopping their arm off may not deter them, but you tell them that if they do it that even if nobody sees them that a god sees them and they will suffer in an everlasting pit of pain and suffering for all eternity when they die – well, if they believe that shit… then your crime rate drops. Further, if you convince your people that if they sacrifice themselves for your religious cause then they get 72 beautiful virgins to service them when they die, then well hell… people are lining up to die for you.

Problem is, these are just tools for control. They exist to exert control over society. Laws are a strong tool, but religious belief can act as a further deterrent against crime or assist in the control and oppression of a population.

All in all, maybe at one point in time religion wasn’t all that bad… but since the introduction of modern sciences, religion is a very bad thing. It’s quite simply no longer necessary at this point. Even if we can’t understand something we have the scientific knowledge that we can probably figure it out eventually. We are no longer primitive, we don’t have to look to gods for explanations. And with modern civilized societies with our laws and governance, we don’t need that second system of control. I’m sure powerful men enjoy it, but it does not benefit society. It benefits powerful men.

So all in all, religion is bullshit.

“Overt control… always has a finite life, because in the end there will be a challenge and rebellion against it. Covert control… can go on forever, because you don’t rebel against something you don’t know exists. A person who thinks he is free will not complain that he is not.” -David Icke

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5 thoughts on “On God & Religion

  1. Sorry, you didn’t get the distinction between atheist and agnostic:
    Atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in any gods. It’s about believing or not. Agnostic on the other hand is the statement that gods are unknowable – which is, technically, true, as religions are not falsifiable (which makes them even less true or false than the tooth fairy). So Agnosticism is about knowledge. You can have both.
    And while technically I’m agnostic and atheistic, I define myself only as de-facto atheist, as gods, while not falsifiable, are really, really unlikely.

    • Tiffany says:

      No, you can’t have both.

      “Gods do not exist.”
      “Gods do exist.”
      “I don’t know.”

      You have to choose. You can’t claim both that gods do not exist while at the same time claiming that you don’t know. So which one is it? You don’t know? But you just said that they didn’t. Either they don’t, or you don’t know. You can’t have both.

      You’re a prime example of someone mislabeling themselves as an Atheist that is really Agnostic.

      • Yes, of course you can:
        “I don’t BELIEVE in a god” is not the same thing as “I know god does not exist”. That’s the big difference. I know that I cannot prove that god does not exist – simply because he’s defined in such a way – so I cannot “know” that he(she/it) does not exist. But “believe” has nothing to do with knowledge, believe is a feeling, something I simply don’t have. My personal awakening was not a rational though about how unlikely god was, but just the sudden realization that I simply did not feel belief in a god. Later I found out that there’s much that makes god very unlikely, by my disbelief was not based on knowledge.

        But, honestly, the main reason why I call myself an atheist is not that fine distinction that requires some thought, but simply the fact that I feel that “agnostic” gives the god idea to much credit: I’m 99,9999…9% sure, that there is no god – calling myself agnostic would make me feel like I gave it a 50% chance of being true.

        If your idea was true, then there could be no atheists, because from the fact that god is not falsifiable comes the conclusion that you can never be 100% sure. But of course, the same thing goes for Zeus or fairies. But that’s not the point. Atheist is about the feeling of belief, while agnosticism is about knowledge. Two distinct things, so you can have both.

  2. Tiffany says:

    As Socrates famously said, “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.”

    It may seem a bit non-committal, but in the end you’ll be the wiser for it. While Atheists have a 50% chance of being wrong, religious Theists have a much higher chance of being wrong. So when you consider that, it’s not so bad really…

    I suppose the problem we’re running into here is in ascribing Atheism as a belief system itself whereas Atheism is as much a belief system as “not playing baseball” is a sport.

    There are, of course, the distinctions between Implicit Atheism and Explicit Atheism, and while I tend to view Explicit Atheism as Atheism, as it were, it’s possible Implicit Atheism could be Agnosticism, as they aren’t mutually exclusive.

    Though I do hold that my examples as stated above are accurate, I will digress. You are correct in that an Implicit Atheist could indeed also be Agnostic. Though I suppose that in the big picture, the distinction as far as this article is concerned is pretty inconsequential to begin with… lol

    With that said, I will edit my blog to reflect this. Thanks for your feedback!

  3. jaybug says:

    Well, we still need some system of repressing ourselves, otherwise we would all be in anarchy, right? Religion was government way back when, and today government is government. But now we are nearing the end of that. We have more laws and regulations than we can possibly enforce. What are we going to invent next to keep ourselves in line?

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