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Milk Substitutes

Righto, so… I’ve been a milk drinker all my life (mostly 2%) and about a month ago I decided to try some substitutes. Without boring you, here are the results:

#1 Almond Breeze Almond Milk Original – This tastes almost like 2% milk. It just has a very faint almond taste. It does have the look and consistency of milk. Though, I will give you a warning that it’s important you use the Almond Breeze brand because I tried the same product but from Silk and amagad… it was like liquid almond… So, the brand is important. On the up side, it has more calcium than normal milk, doesn’t have hormones and all that nonsense, if you’re allergic to something in milk itself then it’s a solid option, and there’s a complete lack of lactose entirely. It’s healthier and less fattening too. So, it’s an all around pretty good option.

#2 Lactaid Milk (2%) – Okay, this one isn’t really a substitute. It actually just has Lactase so that you can easily break down Lactose. So if anyone out there is lactose intolerant but likes milk then this is the best option. It comes in all the varieties of normal milk: whole, 2%, 1%, whatever. The downside is that if you’re actually allergic to milk itself and not just lactose intolerant then it probably won’t be an option, and if you’re looking to avoid hormones, pasteurization and homogenization that’s associated with regular milk then chances are this stuff will have the same stuff.

I placed my choice for #1 first because not only is it an actual substitute so it avoids literally everything milk could possibly be doing wrong for someone, but it’s healthier and all that too. The #2 pick on the other hand, if your only problem with normal milk is that you’ve found yourself being lactose intolerant then it’s a good solid choice. It does suffer the same downfalls as normal milk though, so it won’t help anyone with allergies or people looking to avoid hormones or pasteurization/homogenization.

On a footnote, if your only problem is lactose intolerance then Lactaid also has some sort of chewable things that help you break down lactose in pretty much any dairy product you eat, so maybe try those if you don’t want to worry about avoiding icecreams or chocolates or whatever. Not a problem for me, but it was something I stumbled upon so I figured I’d share.

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