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Mythological thoughts

So, I just had an interesting theory whilst sitting on the toilet. It’s a mythological theory governing the modern and past mythos.

If we consider that there are seven heavens governed by archangels and that these seven heavens (as well as the archangels) are associated with planets and that the gods were also associated with the planets – most prevalently the Roman gods, then we can also consider their Greek counterparts.

With that in mind we can theorize that if “God” resides within the Seventh Heaven — the Seventh Heaven of course being Araboth/Saturn/Cassiel/Cronus, then following Greek mythology we know that Cronus was imprisoned and usurped. We can then theorize one of two things: 1) “God” is Cronus, or 2) God is imprisoned and has been usurped.

Now if we follow along with the first line of thinking then we could also potentially conclude that perhaps Cronus managed to get free of his imprisonment and thus in his rage annihilated the other religions and pantheons, putting in place a new one where he was the one and only true god and the other gods merely his angels – his servants. And, the ones that disobeyed… are banished.

If we follow the second line of thinking then we could correlate this to why nothing has seemingly happened for thousands of years. Mythologically speaking, of course.

It’s all utterly pointless, but interesting nonetheless.

Also, I’m not sure under which of those scenarios it might fall under but it could be that humans were also pitted against one another intentionally out of either discontent towards them or for one’s own amusement. I am of course referring to the existence of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Another interesting thought… Cronus’s wife is known for wealth, abundance, resources. But he previously was associated with a different wife, of… destruction, dissolution, loosening. Sound like the difference between the old and new testaments to you? Hmm… I think I’m onto something. I think I’ve came up with how those cheeky little bastards came up with the Abrahamic religions.

edit: It occured to me that there could be a third option in which Saturn simply represents the throne of god but I’m not sure where I was going with that one. Some kind of god war in which the gods are playing musical chairs with the position of head god? I don’t know. It’s probably the least valid of the three but it could also represent something larger having to do with the scope of the world’s nations.

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